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COMMUNITY TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE This policy is intended to inform users of the restrictions and obligations that have to be considered and respected when accessing our platform. We recommend fulfilling the conditions set forth herein, as well as those established in the Legal Notice, Privacy and Cookies Policy, and any other policies.


As a user and/or client of our platform, you are required and should respect the following content:

Respect for our rights and the rights of a third party relating to their intellectual and industrial property, described in the Legal Notice and other legal conditions set by this platform.

Have the corresponding authorization when posting images or content of a third party or from minors.

Do not extract the content published on our platform, such as images of a third party, content, or material, as well as market research and competition analysis, and publish or disseminate it on other platforms or public portals.

Be responsible for the damages caused to a third party for the infringement of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights and hold PR Pitches or Ubora Advisory harmless at all times.

Compliance with each of the standards and procedures set forth herein, in the Legal Notice, Cookie Policy, and in the general terms and conditions.

Respect for the rights of a third party, other users, and/or clients linked to our platform.


We do not consent to all behaviors carried out by our users and/or clients. In this regard, it is important that the user be aware that certain behaviors can cause damage to a third party and/or directly to PITCHDB. Whereby you agree NOT to carry out such behavior within the platform. In this regard, it is forbidden to:

Resell PR Pitches or Ubora Advisory services without the corresponding authorization, as well as carry out any commercial use of the information extracted from our platform.

Use the platform for purposes related to child pornography, child abuse, and maltreatment affecting children, their families, and/or a third party.

Transmit any material (by e-mail, forums, guest books, web space, or in any other manner) that threatens and encourages performing bodily harm or destruction of property or person.

Transmit any content considered adult or pornographic, such as explicit sex scenes, full nudity, etc.

Transmit any material that harasses another user and/or a third party.

Transmit the insertion of messages or advertisements without complying with the legal requirements, and/or is considered to be spam and/or carrying out spamming behaviors (sending spam or unsolicited messages).

Impersonate others, such as carrying out the illegal use of debit and/or credit information. In this regard, using the services of the platform to access or attempt to access the accounts of other users, penetrate, or attempt to penetrate PR Pitches or Ubora Advisory security measures, its software or the hardware of another entity, and the electronic communications systems or telecommunications system.

Use disrespectful language, content, and graphics that affect the rights of our other clients and/or users and/or a third party.

Use material that infringes and/or affects the intellectual or industrial property rights of our other clients and/or users and/or of a third party (trademarks, trade names, slogans, pictures, or content, among others…). In this regard, you cannot publish any material belonging to a third party that is registered as their intellectual and/or industrial property, without the rightful authorization of the owner or after ensuring that when used, you have the corresponding license to do so.

Collect, or attempt to collect, personal information of a third party without their knowledge or consent and/or without compliance with the Organic Law on Personal Data Protection.

Carry out activities that affect the ability of other people or systems, this includes “denial of services” (DOS) attacks against another network host or individual user.

Carry out deceptive activities that cause the person being affected by them to act on or from them, ultimately leading to injury.

Carry out excessive use or abuse of the resources shared on our network by a particular user and/or client, consequently generating a negative impact on the rest of our users and/or clients.

Carry out any other action for unlawful purposes and/or that is harmful or violates the rights of others and/or of PR Pitches or Ubora Advisory (including the right to honor, dignity, and integrity of a person and/or reputation), and/or constitutes as a crime or as a criminal offense.

Take advantage of this platform to propagate hate speech and/or prejudice against minorities, justifying the crimes and/or violations of human rights.

Extract information, and decompile or process the information obtained from our reports to resell or gain a profit from it. It is expressly stated that the use of market research or of the reports obtained through our services is to analyze the viability of a business and/or project, as well as to assess the interest of investing in it, and not be able to take contrary action against the provisions herein stated.

In particular, it is prohibited any action of scrapping, spider, or similar, even though you are a user registered.

You are also not permitted to use our information or newsletters content to resell, to cede to third parties, or to use for any commercial purpose without our consent.


There are two types of available content. On the one hand, the content published on our website, through the presentation of our services, is understood as being public. On the other hand, the content obtained by the user and/or client through their request of reports and market studies, from their contracted services. The latter is completely private content, so it will be solely and exclusively available to the user upon request. Regarding the content that is published on our website, while it is public, it is not completely free. Therefore the user who intends to use it must indicate the source and/or author thereof if any.


Through these standards, the user and/or client can carry out the following actions:

Copy or extract general information on our website to review our services, and store it on their computers or systems or be printed only and exclusively for private use.

Mention or cite the content published by our platform and/or blog using social networks or any other social media outlet, provided that the source is acknowledged.

Collect and store information obtained from the contracting of our services, always respecting the limitations set forth herein.

The User can submit information about their company, if interested, add information regarding their own business that to their knowledge, has been detected to be is missing on our platform, as well as include additional company information that has been added on LinkedIn, among others, with the ability to also edit the information displayed of these companies on this social network.

As you can add information about a certain company, you can also carry out the removal of it within our platform or request that we dismiss and eliminate it by sending an e-mail to the following address:


It is strictly prohibited for a third party to register on our platform without having the status of User and/or Client. In detail, the following behavior is prohibited:

Carrying out cookie dropping (or the massive stuffing of cookies)

Carrying out web scraping.

Collecting personal data and/or content through automated search engines without the corresponding authorization from the legal representative of PR Pitches or Ubora Advisory and/or the user and/or client.

Carrying out attacks that violate our platform.

Removal of content posted by our users and/or clients.

Any threat or action detected by PR Pitches or Ubora Advisory or by any of our users and/or clients will be made known to the competent authority. The third party is obligated to answer for all damages caused by their wrongful and/or illegal acts.

PR Pitches or Ubora Advisory rejects any conduct that threatens to violate its intellectual property rights, or of its users and/or clients and/or of a third party, or against the privacy of its users and/or clients. PR Pitches or Ubora Advisor, A third party, who has a relationship with this platform, will be required to meet the limitations outlined in this section. The application of these limitations does not require prior consent.


PR Pitches or Ubora Advisory is responsible for maintaining the control and supervision of the platform. In this regard, it is empowered to control the actions taken and / or produced by its users, and /or clients or a third party within the platform, that cause injury to other users and / or clients or to PR Pitches or Ubora Advisory or a third party. To keep up to date with these actions and be able to react in the shortest time possible on our part, we ask the user to send an email to:, (be sure to include your contact information and the evidence demonstrating the offense made), requesting our intervention or denouncing the violation of rights being carried out by any user and / or client of PR Pitches or Ubora Advisory or by an unidentified third party.

We take the responsibility to review the case and, if considered guilty, continue to proceed with the suspension of services of the offender, whether user and / or client, or issue a criminal complaint. Regarding the content of the fraudulent information, PR Pitches or Ubora Advisory, has the power to: (i) carry out content removal; (ii) require rectification or publish information, (iii) block the user and / or client offender and / or terminate the contractual relationship in force, without claiming values for services not rendered; (iv) inform the relevant authorities of the illegal actions carried out on the platform and provide the evidence that it considers relevant.


PR Pitches or Ubora Advisory is not responsible for issuing reports containing errors on the information obtained through its market research since it is a fully automatic and / or automated service. In case the user obtains a report containing errors, relating to a lack of information in these research reports, please, contact our company via email: or by following the provisions set out in our general terms and conditions.

PR Pitches or Ubora Advisory is in no way responsible for the errors that may be found in our market research or reports, generated from the general conditions and its derivatives, of errors deriving from the original source, as well as if they are lacking in veracity, updates or obtaining complete information from the companies or for information whose data has already been requested. The user and / or client can see all of the conditions in which PR Pitches or Ubora Advisory will respond to or not for what is contracted in all other legal notices and policies.


By registering on our platform, the user is forced to create a personal password. From that moment on, they shall be responsible for the care and safety of their password. Changes to personal information, passwords and / or simply updating the information reported to us at the time of registration can be made within the profile. During the login or “validation” process, our platform offers the user the opportunity, if necessary, of checking the option “Forgot Password”. By using this system, the indications for obtaining a new password will be sent to your email.


These Community Standards set by PR Pitches and Ubora Advisory are a complement to the Legal Notice, Privacy Policy and the other legal policies of our platform, so that the provisions contained therein directly apply and / or vice versa, in relation to our users and / or clients.