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Build Your Brand
and Make a Bigger Impact

with Ease

Build Your Brand and Make a Bigger Impact
with Ease

Let our software do the heavy lifting while you focus on shining.

Watch our demo video to see how PR Pitches works:

YES! I Want to Get Booked
YES! I Want to Get Booked

Choose Your Package

The first step is to choose the package that best suits your needs. We have pricing and pitching levels for all budgets.

Create Your Profile

Create your expert profile in our system and add your social proof to our templates. This will help you pitch and get booked easier.

Start Pitching Podcasts, Media, and Conferences

With a built-in database of over 4,000,000 million media contacts, pitch templates, an academy, and simple-to-use software, you can start pitching within minutes.

Respond and Track Results and Impact

The PR Pitches dashboard allows you to get responses, set up follow-ups, and see your results in real-time. You can even have a team member manage this.

Get Rid of the Multiple Software Headache

YES! I Want to Get Booked

One Click Email Connection

PR Pitches connects to your Gmail or Outlook email address to send out pitches. One-click, and you’re connected and sending out pitches within minutes.

4,000,000 Pitch-able Opportunities

Our database gives you access to over four million editors, journalists, staff writers, contributors, podcasters, and TV and Radio show producers. Once you’ve connected your email, it’s one click, and you’re pitching any decision-maker you want.

Built-In Pitch Templates

Depending on the plan you choose, you get access to basic or advanced built-in pitch templates. Our basic to advanced pitch templates take away the need for you to figure out how to pitch. You’re a few clicks away from the PR and stages you’ve always wanted. And PR Pitches now has AI; our AI pitch writer can create your pitches in seconds.

Your Message, Brand, Business, and Knowledge Deserve to be Shared With Millions