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Features and Benefits

An All-In-One Solution.

Features and Benefits

An All-In-One Solution.

Replaces Pipedrive or any other CRM

Replaces Google Search, iTunes and other directories

Integrates with Gmail and Outlook

Easily overview the latest Activities

Set up the Follow Ups

Track your results with real-time metrics

Powered by AI pitches generator

YES! I Want to Get Booked
YES! I Want to Get Booked

Weekly Training

PR Pitches software does the heavy lifting when it comes to pitching opportunities, but we have Live training sessions that also teach you the A to Zs:

➧ How to get featured in large publications.
➧ How to secure contributor accounts and columns in publications that PAY YOU for written, audio, and video articles.
➧ How to get booked on podcasts.

➧ How to use PR Pitches for booking services.

Pitch Templates

PR Pitches offers the most advanced and industry-tested pitch templates that work.

We’ve taken our 12 years of experience and knowledge of having pitched over 3,000 media opportunities and put them into these templates.

No matter what industry you’re in, our templates are designed to get results.

Now powered by AI. Our AI pitch writer can create your pitch in seconds, and build your branding kit. It’s scarily accurate.

Metrics Dashboard

What doesn’t get tracked, doesn’t get measured, is the saying. If you want to get results, you need to know the metrics.

PR Pitches offers an industry-leading dashboard with real-time, impact-focused metrics.

You can track pitch activity, follow-up, responses, the impact made, bookings secured, and much more.

Take the guessing out of the process of getting PR and being booked on podcasts.

Build Your Automated PR and Brand-Building Pipeline

One of the hardest parts of building a brand, getting your message out to the world, and making more income are all the steps, software, systems, and organizing involved in the process. Our AI can help you build in seconds.

PR Pitches simplifies the process by bringing everything together in one place and uses templates and our database to make this much easier and more effective.

Automated and One Click Pitching

Connect your Gmail or Outlook account and pitch with one click or automate the process. PR Pitches makes pitching simple.

Verified Contact Database

Our database has over four million verified contacts. You can stop searching for contacts and dealing with bounce-backs. One click and you’re pitching verified PR contacts.

Create Your Expert Profile and Be Found

Want to be found as a coach, consultant, someone with courses, and an as an expert? You can create an expert profile in our database and have opportunities to find you and make an offer.